White Tip's Journey



In the Gobi desert, 80 million years ago, a female Velociraptor called White Tip's pack was killed four days ago. Now she is alone and desperate to find food. After a failed attempt at hunting a herd of Prenocephale, the following day White Tip unsuccsefully hunts a lizard. Suddenly she hears a screech. It is a pack of Oviraptors doing a mating display for females. When a male fails to attract a female, he takes it out on White Tip and chases her away. After chasing a lizard around, White Tip falls into a nest of Protoceratops eggs and a male chases her into another males domain. They fight, ending up in the death of one of them, which White Tip eats. Soon a pack of Velociraptors find her kill and their broken-armed lead male, Broken Hand, along with the rest of the pack, chase her away. After they have eaten, White Tip attempts to join them. One of the males, Blue Brow is interested, but with his leadership challenged, Broken Hand battles him and loses, kicked out of the pack, and Blue Brow the leader. While hunting Protoceratops eggs, two female raptors distract the herd, while Blue Brow and White Tip steal the eggs. Months later, and White Tip has laid five eggs and can not go hunting. Blue Brow and the females find a Shuuvia, but it notices and runs away. While chasing it, an Oviraptor kills the Shuuvia, and Blue Brow and the pack go hungry. During the night, White Tip tends to her eggs. The tiny mammal Deltatheridium distracts her and Broken Hand eats two eggs and runs away. Soon, the three eggs hatch and White Tip and the pack go to get food for them. They find Broken Hand attacking a herd of Prenocephale, and he is killed. They catch some baby Oviraptor and return to their territory and are fed. After heavy rain, the pack go hunting and find the corpse of Broken Hand. They find some Protoceratops, but the hunt goes wrong and everyone but White Tip is buried by a sudden sand dune collapse, with Blue Brow fighting a Protoceratops in it. White Tip raises her infants as her new pack.


These predators measure up to two metres and have a switchblade-like claw on each foot, as well as huge hand claws. Males have blue feathered arms, heads and tail fans. Females are plain grey. They lived 80 million years ago in Mongolia and are very smart for dinosaurs.


These are the most common herbivores in Mongolia, 80 million years ago. They walk on four legs and are about two metres long. Males use their large frills for sexual display and their sharp beaks for defence and feeding.


These carnivores are the sworn enemy of Velociraptor. Males have bright red feathered tail fans, arms and crests. Females are plain gray. They reach about a metre in length and lived in Mongolia, 80 million years ago.  


These herbivores have a thick domed skull, which is used for ramming eachother on the flanks during fights between males and as defence. They are peacful herbivores most of the time, but not when they are disturbed. They lived 80 million years ago in Mongolia and were two metres long.


These tiny carnivores prefer insects and their larvae rather than other dinosaurs. This means it's more prey than predator. They have a coat of feathers and measure about 60 centimetres long. They lived in Mongolia, 80 million years ago.


Velociraptors and Oviraptors are sometimes shown with their hands in a pronated angle. Something theropods could not do.
Oviraptor is depicted as being twice as large as Velociraptor, when its actually the other way round.